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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
We're Supposed To Believe You Now?
The New York Times > Washington > Hussein's Agents Behind Attacks, Pentagon Finds
Directed by him from his spider hole, I take it? Are these the Baathists we're trying to bring back into the military and government? We just don't know any longer, since we can't tell what's a lie and what's the truth with this administration.
The report, completed March 26, was commissioned to answer a simple but provocative question: in Iraq, who is the adversary?
Ummmm, shouldn't we have figured that out over a year ago before we went to war?
The report also illustrates how Hussein loyalists are manipulating dissatisfaction with the occupation and cultivating a climate of fear that did not vanish with Mr. Hussein's capture.
Hello? What about an American occupying force that is pounding the country day and night with bunker busters? Dissatisfaction? I'd be scared shitless if they were pounding my town like that.

Good evening, my friends, and a good evening it is indeed as the latest polls show Bush's support dropping like a rock, though as the good soldiers they are, the NYT spins it as well as they can:
It now stands at 46 percent, the lowest level of his presidency in The Times/CBS News Poll, down from 71 percent last March and a high of 89 percent just after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

At this point in his winning re-election race in 1996, President Bill Clinton's approval rating in The New York Times/CBS News Poll was 48 percent.

Mr. Bush's approval rating for his handling of Iraq was 41 percent, down from 49 percent last month and 59 percent in December.

So they throw out this report about Saddam directing the troops in Fallujah to make the press not editorialize about Fric and Frack testifying to "Congress." Or any of a dozen other things they don't want us to notice. And in any case, what does it matter who's behind it? Clearly Iraqis are becoming far more united against us than ever before if ex-Baathists are directing the activities of Shia.

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