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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Morning in America
Little birds singing, sun streaming in... is it really Spring? Windy, but wind coming from the south. Tom Skilling's forecast (the only one ever close to accurate in the Chicago area) says
Mid level cloudiness breaks with increasing frequency, allowing extended periods of sun. Becoming very windy from the SW. Gusts to 40+ m.p.h. threaten to send dust airborne creating a orange-tinted haze this afternoon as highs soar 25° above Tuesday’s levels—and 14° above normal.

So will be hitting the road soon.

A note: don't ever let the battery on your laptop run down while you're playing a somewhat ill-behaved game like Hexen II. The program has acquired focus for your mouse, your screen, and tied a bunch of other resources up in knots, so you will have a moment of utter fear when you wake up, discover a dead computer lying in bed next to you, plug it in, it un-hibernates, and everything is mashed in a big gumbo, and you have to spend half the morning un-mashing it.

Maybe the first thing wrong in that paragraph is the part about the dead computer being in bed with me, huh? Maybe I should get a life?

Off to paint. Air America in Chicago (950-AM) wasn't running at 6:30 am (when my laughingly-called alarm clock goes off) but appears to be live again now. Who knows? Will just enjoy the day and get all snarky this evening with the American Idol results show.

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