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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Desperately Seeking A Clue
GeorgeWBush.com: Party for the President Event

Is gray and cloudy still, but this website cheered me right up. Had to read everything real close before I was satisfied it wasn't a joke. Still not completely sure. Did you know that today is "National Party for the President Day"? No? Well, then you'll miss the nationwide conference call with Vice President Cheney at 8:30 EST. Check the map. For some reason all the party sites are blue. Hey! That's OUR color.

Are they sure people aren't getting together just to watch Friends? The kids in the Republican Youth pictures look so incredibly uncool and so very, very white.

It's good to know the bushies can com up with lame stuff too. The John Kerry Travel Tracker is one of the most boring ads I've ever broken out of, almost as awful as some of the DNC flash ads. Almost.

Don't know how or why I ended up here, but it's so very unintentionally funny.

Will check back on May 1, which is supposed to be the "National Day of Prayer." As in, I pray people will keep thinking I'm the president.

In a similar vein, we must all enter this contest which in a nutshell explains why no one watches MTV any more.

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