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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Is This Another One of Their Flip-Flops?
... or a trial balloon that didn't fly?

MSNBC - Pentagon denies deal in Fallujah; 10 GIs die:
FALLUJAH, Iraq - The Defense Department denied Thursday that a final agreement had been struck to end the bloody siege of Fallujah, saying that negotiations were continuing and that there could still be reasons to continue attacking selected insurgent targets in the turmoil-ridden city of 300,000 people.
I am so confused. Aren't they turning it over to a bunch of Iraqi generals? Haven't they started withdawing? You mean, what they were telling us this morning is a lie?
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) U.S. Marines announced Thursday an agreement to end a bloody, nearly monthlong siege of Fallujah, saying American forces will pull back and allow an all-Iraqi force commanded by one of Saddam Hussein's generals to take over security.
Apparently I just can't stop blogging today.

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