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Friday, April 30, 2004
They Just Don't Get It
Powell says Iraq war support will revive

Sample quotes:
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says waning support among Americans for the occupation of Iraq will revive once U.S. forces there have stamped out a surge of armed resistance. [ed:, like when you destroy the village in order to save the village?] ... Powell said some might question how sovereign Iraq will be on July 1 if U.S.-led foreign troops remain in the country.

"Because a large military presence will still be required under U.S. command, some would say 'Well you are not giving full sovereignty'. But we are giving sovereignty so that sovereignty can be used to say, 'We invite you to remain'. That is a sovereign decision," Powell said.
Good morning folks. Colin Powell has failed the nation and Tom Skilling has failed me, personally. It is barely 45 degrees out there. Lies, lies, everywhere I turn today! In Powell's case, is he even listening to what's coming out of his mouth any longer, or is this what was always coming out and we were listening to what we wanted to hear (moderate, voice of reason, etc. etc.)?

So will take this opportunity to do some in-studio stuff today, and may amaze you with the quality of new uploads, knitting links, and my usual biting political commentary.

For example, depending on which paragraph of this AP article you read, we're either pulling out of Fallujah with an agreement in place, or not.

Ah, well. More later.

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