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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Missing: Information About Women's Lives:
Twenty-five key publications of the Department of Labor are no longer available on the Women's Bureau website. Prior to the current Administration, women could find a wide array of information about their rights in the workplace by logging onto the DOL website. With no explanation, the Administration removed 25 fact sheets, denying women and researchers critical information on everything from staffing to pay equity to child care to issues of specific importance to black and Latina women and women business owners.
OK, knitters, let's get that bush bastard outta here.

If you haven't clicked over there lately, this month's guest blogger on Boing Boing is Russ Kick, the brave soul who posted all those pictures of military coffins after filing a Freedom of Information request on his site, The Memory Hole. He's been capturing all sorts of goodies before they disappear, and these memos are some of the contents of his goodie basket.

Good afternoon, folks. I did not paint. I got to the wildflower garden and someone else was already there painting! So I ended up pouting, and went off and did a few little drawings somewhere else. Will get up extra early tomorrow and stake my spot.

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