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Sunday, May 02, 2004
Midday Report
Amazing things happen when you actually leave the house. Went to Gillock Gallery show of figurative work last night. Had never been there before -- is a big Victorian house, gracious wrap-around porch, lovely big interior with the artwork hung on the walls of the hallway, living room, fireplace alcove, dining room, kitchen. This is the way art should be presented always, in context, not in a sterile white box (unless the art owner lives in one, I suppose).

And the art was good, too. Favorites include a tiny drawing by Gail Seaman Bradford, dark and musty, looks like an old engraving. Huge nude self-portrait by Davida Schulman, whose body looks pretty much like most of ours (old, pudgy, and floppy), but her directness of gaze is so pure, elegant, and alive. Graphite drawing by Grace Cole (the postcard piece, on the website) also direct, no fuss no muss. And a wonderful big painting of models and painter all watching a dog fight foreground by Marion Kryczka, illuminated by the reddish glow from below of hot space heater bars (I think) and spotlight. Numerous others -- but since was a big crushing party, was hard to step back and look. Would like to go back and associate the names of artists with the images in my head. Liked very much also one big painting of a girl that the gallery owner, Consuelo Alonzo Gillock, had painted. Very simple, stylized, effective.

Speaking of which, connections: I didn't realize that the Connie who owned this house was the Connie I had painted with years ago at SAIC, whose sister I had painted numerous times, who was now hanging out with the postage-stamp artist Michael Hernandez de Luna who recently had a show at Aron Packer, whose wife I now paint with.

I have a feeling I can keep layering these connections for quite some time.

More in a bit. Actually felt inspired enough (and still coffee-less) to go out this am (so cold, still) and drink coffee and draw at the lake. Have a little drawing I will scan in.

But first: have added a few links at the side (for my little fisherwomen, since April has now archived away), Gillock Gallery and for writer/musician/teacher/model/much more, Paul McComas. Would like to add more artists and writers in the Chicago area, so if you see this blogging and want to be here, send me your links.

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