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Monday, May 03, 2004
And That's Why We Must Vote For Kerry
CNN.com - Bush: Prosperity depends on election - May 3, 2004
"Peace and freedom depend upon this election. Prosperity for the people depend upon this election," Bush said while wrapping up a campaign stop with about 1,200 supporters in Niles, in the southwest corner of Michigan.
Oh, sorry... this was a Bush campaign speech, not a Kerry speech.

Good evening, everyone. Light blogging today. Painted all afternoon, vegged out watching TV all evening, didn't even knit, since I'm now on (or maybe 2 rows from) the buttonhole row which will require concentration and counting. Then another few rows and it's on to the arms. Have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of use out of this sweater. It will be a good air conditioning sweater.

Weather supposed to get into the 80s by the weekend, so will be able to complain about the heat soon (is 40 right now, and I am still cold, though broke down and turned up the heat). And the big event (or events) this weekend is Art Chicago at Navy Pier, which I will be going to because I have a free ticket compliments of a good friend. Last year's show was very mediocre, what with SARS and War keeping much of the world away, and an atmosphere of depression and timidity. Hope all those Old Europe and terrorist Frenchie art dealers will show up this year. Just checked the link. Cool. They have the catalog online.

Looking forward much more to The Stray Show. The only gallery on the list I recognize is Gallery HQ (Colby Smith's place in Kansas City), since I exhibited at the original version in Carbondale, IL where Colby got his MFA a few years back.

Am looking forward to complaining about aching feet and back very much.

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