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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Be Careful, Or We'll Liberate You, Too
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Pentagon forced to withdraw leaflet linking aid to information on Taliban:
One of the leaflets, showing an Afghan carrying a bag of provisions, reads: "In order to continue the humanitarian aid, pass over any information related to Taliban, al-Qaida or Gulbuddin organisations to the coalition forces." The latter reference is to the renegade warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is believed to have allied himself with the Taliban.
MSF [Medecins Sans Frontieres], which provided medical services in hospitals in the city of Kandahar and nearby town Spin Boldak and in neighbouring refugee camps, said it was appalled by the leaflets.
It just gets better, doesn't it? But luckily, Colin Powell is still happy..... not:
Colin Powell, the Secretary of State, has sent the clearest signal yet that, weary and frustrated, he does not intend to be around for a second George W. Bush term if the President wins re-election in November.
Good evening, folks. I am cold. My mouse hand is like ice, since the fan for the laptop blows right on it. I see no sign of the steaminess we're supposed to get tomorrow. I think Tom Skilling has been kidnapped and substituted by a clone, who has no forecasting talent. Must hunt and find something funny to post before I go to sleep. Since I've been drinking Diet Coke all night, I may be up for awhile.

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