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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Blogger Gone Wild
If you were here earlier, you will have noticed that I must have fallen asleep while hitting the "Post" button and spewed duplicate entries. This happens sometimes. It's not like I'm trying to scream or anything, because this is what I do when I'm screaming.

So, I'm sorry.

George, can you say it? Can ya? Didn't think so.

And I'm sorry for doubting Tom Skilling, too, since the morning is utterly lovely, so I suppose you want me to get out of bed and go paint something. Well, I had a Diet Coke interrupted night, was up at 4 and surfing all around, then crashed again, now awake and feeling guilty for not (for example) going to the lake and painting the sunrise.

It's supposed to be 86 today
Severe weather threatens later today. Vastly warmer, more humid. Generous sun mixes with clouds. Gusts build to 25-30 mph. Strong t-storms, some with possible high winds and hail form later this afternoon and evening. Winds shift NNE Thursday night sending temps sharply lower.
So I better get going.

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