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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Love You Too, Daddy
CNN.com - Bushes decline twin daughters' graduation ceremonies - May 6, 2004
White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the president and first lady decided to spare families the rigorous security measures that go along with a presidential visit.
This is bogus, of course. Dad only shows up at events where his advance team can guarantee a 100 percent lovefest. If it was a fundraiser, they'd put everyone in the state thru metal detectors to get that money. Bet they figure all the protesters likely to show up would make Daddy cry. For once I actually feel sorry for the girls. Imagine if the Clintons had tried to get away with this.

Good evening, my "friends". Not a particularly good send-off, was it? My bet had been that Monica would discover that she was pregnant. Twins was just dumb. And I was hoping that Ross would decide to follow Rachel to France instead of making her screw up her career and stay here. And all the airport stuff had obviously not been written by anyone who has been on this planet since 9/11. And Phoebe wanting to have a zillion kids? Have we all been brainwashed? Guess so. Ah well. There's always Joey who thankfully seems not to have grown at all.

Knitting madly along the first sleeve.

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