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Friday, May 14, 2004
Slow News Day, Apparently
Man Angry at Verizon Hurls Phones Across Store, Causing More Than $2,000 in Damage
Police said Perala took off his shirt and put on safety glasses before throwing around computers, phones and other items.
The glasses I understand, but why take off the shirt?

Raining steadily, but not violently this morning. A good, guilt-free day, since no one can expect me to go out and cut the grass, although I saw someone from a lawn service manicuring a driveway with a blower in full rain gear on my way for coffee. Tom Skilling says
Waves of showers and possible embedded t-storms. Heavy downpours, most frequent south sections into early afternoon. Local 1-2" rain totals there before rains diminish and N winds increase. Temperatures fall into the 50s this afternoon. Clearing, breezy, cooler, less humid Friday night.
He's already wrong, since it's just a hair above 50 degrees here and not yet noon.

Does anyone remember yarn cards? Cardboard pictures with punch holes you were supposed to sew thru with ugly yarn? Wondering what to do with all these odds and ends of yarn made me think of them, and also of whether I should join the Art By the Inch Challenge (10,000 inches in 30 days) or perhaps the Art A Day Challenge to get things hopping. Or maybe join one of those Mail Art groups...

You'll note the clever way I've introduced a few link-candidates to the discussion...

Have cast on for the 2nd sleeve and will see how far I get before I give out.

Slight UPDATE: It is now just a hair under 50 degrees and my heat has just kicked on. Must run and shut windows.

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