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Saturday, May 15, 2004
Art Saturday
Kinda maybe will do one of the challenges I mentioned earlier. If so, here's my first entry, a collage, which I never do, on the back of cardboard from a Pop Secret Box (I like the Homestyle):

I am still so cold, even though the sun is out, probably since I've been standing in my unheated studio for 3 hours doing this thing barefoot. When it's a bit dryer will perhaps mount on board and slather gloss medium over it, or not.

Will be busy, busy, busy most of the day, with show (with Al Franken!!) and dinner, then the benefit I told you about at the Evanston Art Center, where I have a piece.

Am only 3 inches into the second sleeve, so have abandoned any hope of wearing the Sonnet. I may very well wear my winter coat instead, since it's supposed to be even colder this pm (62/45):
8 DEGREES BELOW NORMAL: Much brighter! Abundant sunshine. Cool with lower humidities/unlimited visibilities. ENE winds off Lake Michigan set up a range in high temps from low/mid 50s at shoreline to low/mid 60s Fox Valley/far south. Scattered clouds possible tonight, cool.
Tom is demented if he thinks it's going to get up to even the mid-50s today. It's 49 outside my house.

You may wonder why I'm so obsessed by the weather, but it's because I'm mostly a boring old landscape painter, so it's important to my work. Just like farming.

Will post this and put on some sox.

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