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Sunday, May 16, 2004
So Lovely Out
... but so tired within. And listening to the drone of distant lawnmowers makes me want to nap.

Good evening, my friends. Weather so exquisitely, greenly perfect, the energy just poured through me and didn't stop until about a half hour ago when everything decided to shut down and made me sit on my couch and simply do nothing, not even think.

I can't feel guilty about not mowing, since the mower didn't start, so have put in a call to the mower lady to come fix it.

But went out to the park determined to see green again as blocks of complex colors, but not fussy, like the 2 paintings I did earlier this spring were somewhat fussy. So we have

Green Blue Green
Green Blue Green
Reddish Blue LightGreen
Green PaleYellowGreen Green

(the blue being sky)

When I get my digital camera I'll do some snaps. Also still looking for a better and easier to use location to host groups of images.

Did the first 12 x 12 on the new luan at the park and it was good. Some days you can paint, some you can't. Today flowed.

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