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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Art Wednesday
Chicago Tribune | Porn switched with school announcement
One parent who complained characterized the tape as hard-core pornography, but Chambers said she didn't view the tape and couldn't confirm its contents. Administrators were watching security camera tapes to try to determine who made the switch.

Chambers said that with this being the last week of school, a senior prank "would be my best guess at this point." [ed: oh, highschool seniors.... thought all those bad Canadian drugs had gone to the brains of our elderly for a minute]
And a very good morning to everyone from this pristine and pornless location. Weather report is even adequate today. Thanks, Tom:
Extensive cloudiness at the start. But, clouds break allowing sunshine. Milder temps especially south and western suburbs. Highs range from 57° Waukegan/lakeshore to 76° Kankakee. Partly cloudy, becoming windy and warmer with increasing humidity Wednesday night. Scattered active t-storms possible.
So will do my coffee at the lake bit and be back later.

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