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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Job Surge
(via TCF):

Radio station, WKQX-FM, Q101 is seeking a Indecency Compliance Monitor.

Job Description: Indecency Compliance Monitor

Candidate will work from 5:30am to 10:00am weekdays listening to live Q101 broadcast for objectionable material. Candidate will have the ability to delete material that might be found objectionable or indecent. Candidate should be able to exercise good judgment, understand and interpret F.C.C. regulations and focus for long periods of time.
This is not a joke posting. Repeat, this is not a joke posting.

I think we should all apply for this. My first day on the job I would delete the entire day's broadcast, because I find it objectionable.

Good morning, nearly afternoon. Had a Barq's rootb eer (triple the caffeine of anything on the planet, I forgot) too late so was up until 3:00 even though I was exhausted. Almost hallucinatory. Couldn't stop knitting, then twitched half the night as rain continued to pound down. Basement afloat again. Roofer still hasn't come. Lawnmower lady due afternoon, but may have to put lawnmower in canoe to row it out to her.

At lake this pm with coffee, however, so here are some colors:

Black gray/white
Heavy pinkish gray
Very pale gray
Creamy white ... all fairly low
pale blue gray
Very thin prussian blue horizon
Violet gray/green stretching to beach
Waves rise roiled with sand raw sienna and burnt sienna)

Water violent, wind from NNE right at my hands.

Will post and paint. Am in process of shifting images over to a new host. With any luck will mean pages will load faster, so I can show you more stuff. Later.

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