Fresh Paint
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Good Evening
So where are the sweaters, they are asking? And what about this art you keep talking about? We see words, but no pictures, no action, what's the scoop, anyway?

Well, my friends, you have no idea how long it can take to make something about 3 inches by 8 inches wide, like this:

titled, "Lucretia Says No."

Or this:

titled "Anonymous Hills."

As I've pointed out elsewhere, you may notice a (ahem) connection between the two. Couldn't make the image work as a whole, so cut it in half and voila.

On the sweater front: I have less than half a sleeve to finish, then sew it all together and document it. Perfect timing for the digital camera I've finally got around to ordering today, which guarantees all you photo phans that a brand new half-price model will be arriving on the shelves momentarily.

So will it be Fantasia? I really, really, hope so. Can't stand that little perky 16 year old blondie Diana.

Roofers coming tomorrow, or maybe Friday. Such a casual bunch of people. And lawnmower returns on Monday. I plan on posting a sign in my lawn that alerts people that I'm not really a bad person, and I really plan on mowing as soon as I'm able. Neighborhood dogs are loving it, however, and the rabbits are scampering, safe from view.

More later, perhaps.

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