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Friday, May 21, 2004
The Hand of Rove?
(via Atrios)

Barack Obama 2004 Campaign Weblog: Playing Dirty
SPRINGFIELD -- For the past 10 days, U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama hasn't been able to go to the bathroom or talk to his wife on his cell phone without having a camera-toting political gofer from his Republican rival filming a few feet away….
This is nutty.
"It's standard procedure to record public speeches and things like that," Obama told reporters as the bald, 20-something operative filmed away. "But to have someone who's literally following you a foot and a half away, everywhere you go, going into the restrooms, standing outside my office, sitting outside of my office asking my secretary where I am, seems to be getting a little carried away."

Warfel interrupted Obama several times with heckling questions, but wouldn't respond when reporters asked him about who he was and why he was filming Obama's every move.

"You'll have to speak to the campaign office," Warfel said tartly to practically every inquiry.
Who is this jerk anyway? Figures. A jerk like Jack Ryan would hire another just like him. Still wonder what the whole story about the divorce is... wonder whether Jeri is registered to vote.

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