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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Back With the Slippers
Don't ever go upstairs to get a pair of slippers at 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday, meaning to come back down, but you lie down for a minute just to read a chapter in your book, and then the next thing you know, your feet are still cold and it's noon.

So had to spend another few hours waking up and shlepping around, a little knitting and housework, then it became 7:00 and I don't know how. I figured I should leave the house and do some notebook stuff, at least, so at the lake saw this:

4 guys apparently making a movie mostly in the rain. 2 guys had pieces of paper pinned to the front of their t-shirts proclaiming something, the other guy had a big stick. The cameraman made the labelled guys run down the beach with the stick guy chasing them again and again and again -- perfection, you know -- then they'd all come back and look at the image in the little viewfinder and do it again. I guess they eventually got it right, since suddenly they just raced across the street and left. No idea what it was all about.

But here are the colors:

Dirty yellow white
black/white, slightly green
Heavy gray
Quite white
gray-green -- thin, dark horizon
milky gray/green to shore
The usual burnt/raw sienna beach

For once I came back and did a little pastel of it -- pretty close. Then it started to rain, and now it's pouring and thundering and lightening, etc., etc., just like the last few days.

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