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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
ABCNEWS.com : Poll: Americans Angry About Iraq:
A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds the sharpest change is in anger. As the war began, 30 percent of Americans were angry about it; today, asked about the situation in Iraq, 57 percent are angry -- almost twice as many. Anger is highest -- 70 percent -- among the roughly half of Americans who think that, given its costs versus its benefits, the war was not worth fighting.
Now I understand all the "chatter" about something big happening this summer. It's going to take the Rovians that long to cook it up. This is their one and only response to slumping polls.

My fear is that someone in the admin or a fellow traveller really will do something to tip the scales. However, if something does happen, it would just mean that Bush can't be trusted to protect us against terrorism. If nothing happens, Bush can claim it as a victory. I hope, as Americans, we're not that dumb.

Hey, whatever happened with the anthrax case -- it's been nearly 3 years now. Why isn't everyone screaming about it? Is it ever going to come up in the Senate hearings?

So, will it be Fantasia? Hope so. She was brilliant tonight, and blondie really stank -- showed her nerves and age and only showed she can belt out a song like it's the high school auditorium.

Still messing with the new camera. I won't force you to load it, but if you want to see a pretty flower, here's a nice one. Let this be a warning to you: I have more....

For tomorrow, Tom says:
NEAR SEASONABLE TEMPS: The first completely rain-free day across the entire metro area in 10 days. Sunny with only patchy fair-weather clouds. A cool start, then seasonably mild. Lower humidities. NW winds turn light E/NE off Lake Michigan. Shoreline highs hold to the 60s.
If he's remotely right, I will be out painting the entire day, so may not talk to you until the evening.

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