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Monday, May 24, 2004
Just Give It Up, Already
Wedding film challenges U.S. on air strike
"Bad people have parties too," he said.
Very bad:
The film shows pick-up trucks racing across the desert -- some of the dead came from the regional capital Ramadi -- men dancing in a tent, children larking about and a musician playing an electric organ. The same man later appeared dead in a shroud.
At least they weren't tortured first.

Good morning. What is so wrong about saying, "Look, we're sorry we bombed your wedding, but apparently we were working off bad information, as usual, and don't understand your culture anyway and really don't want to, even though we've been there over a year. You'll love the democracy, when we get around to letting you have it, and then you'll give us candy and flowers, like we promised"?

Waiting for my camera to be delivered and my lawnmower to be returned. Don't know what on earth I did about things like this when I was gainfully employed and not (ahem) resting. I think I had to take days from work, that's what.

Here's the little drawing I spoke of last night:

Is damp and chilly today, so not really minding hanging around waiting for stuff. Am also searching for better ways to display my images than either 1) dumping a plain vanilla Photobucket page on you or 2) hand-crafting every byte for a real web page that will take every waking moment to maintain.

On with the day.

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