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Saturday, May 29, 2004
Nothing Stretches

Nothing Stretches

Nothing stretches
to the outlet near me
from the table with no crap on it,
to surfaces clear, unpiled
with crap from
art and crumbs and boxes from Amazon.com
a year ago
and yarn from sweaters worn and worn and worn
this cool spring,

so the music is tinny,
the computer may go dark,
because of surfaces,
and electricity,
and the WI-FI not strong enough
to reach where the electric flows
and the surface is calm.

Good morning, all. Decided to throw the morning notebook writing at you because I've been trying to reconfigure my working areas this rainy morning, but is frustrating. Basement is afloat and plumber can't come until Tuesday, and it's raining again and I have been warned not to flush and perhaps I could shower elsewhere and maybe not do the dishes.

The last was a delight to hear, of course, since I so love to wash the dishes on a weekend.

Spent much of yesterday night d**nl**ding M?3s frm the *****net so wanted to hook into the good speakers and listen. Mama mia! Advise everyone to follow links from your favorite blogs to places you've never been before. I suppose I can be thrown in jail for advocating this, but am utterly convinced that the record companies should be rewarding the bloggers with huge amounts of money rather than trying to chase people down and throw them in jail. The best blogs I've found have a little music history, a lot of opinion, much good taste, some geekiness and nuttiness, and thrill of the chase. Some recording companies seem to get it, like Sub Pop Records, for example, where nothing I downloaded had no merit and I contemplated buying several of the CDs they publish, and may, come the revolution. So may be adding some links, though perhaps this means I'm getting a little dilettantish. So what, it's my blog.

So will get on with my day, and let you get on with yours. Haven't checked the news yet since, as I just said, nothing stretches.

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