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Monday, May 31, 2004
The Best News of All for Illinois
Barack Obama 2004 Campaign Weblog: New Tribune Poll: Barack leads by 22 points:
In their first post-primary Tribune/WGN poll, Barack is leading in the Senate race by 22 points. The poll reinforces the view that Barack's appeal transcends political, racial and geographic boundaries:

-Overall, Barack leads 52 percent to 30 percent
-Barack leads among independent voters, 46-27 percent
-Among voters who consider themselves 'very conservative', 31 percent intend to vote for Barack
-Among white voters, Barack leads 46 to 34 percent
-Among black voters, Barack leads 91 to 4 percent
-In Chicago, Barack leads 74 percent to 15 percent
I wish I had a magic wand. I wish the election could be held today. If you haven't registered to vote yet, please do. Links on the side will tell you what to do. Barack Obama must get to Washington as soon as possible.

It finally stopped raining [checking out the window]. True, not raining. All I got done today was one little drawing done out the window as the rain started this afternoon. Still trying all the endless possibilities with the new camera, certain that 98 percent of them are merely better ways to take bad, out of focus pictures.

But plodding on, nonetheless. Made a little movie about my slippers, however, and thinking about laying down a soundtrack to it. I will be getting all heroin-skanky and dyeing my hair two-toned frog-green and purple-haze soon. Have a feeling that what you can do with the default Windows Movie-Maker is pretty primative, but, ah well. Baby steps.

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