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Monday, June 07, 2004
Evening Art Report
My new software has arrived, so I can show you pictures again. I bet you all thought I'd stopped painting or something, but no.... I just had an excuse not to since I couldn't make it look better in software. This one looks pretty close to the original -- a small acrylic on paper thing I'm calling "Jazz Sun", because that's the title that actually popped into my mind as I was doing it. I'm not very good at using water-based media, like acrylics and watercolors and gouache, because it always dries so fast, so mixing colors can be a pain. But I got out the spray bottle and kept spritzing the palette.

I have another one too I'm not sure I even want to show anyone, since it has an evil eye in it and I think I need to play around with cropping it and tearing it. So it may end up dead, or in a collage.

Still not listening to news or reading paper, which probably means they're slipping some horrible things by us under the blanket Ronny coverage.

Now I understand what GWB and the pope needed to talk over recently -- the upcoming beatification of the gipper.

Sorry if I am nasty and cynical about a 93 year old Alzheimer's victim, but someone needs to balance the insane coverage I'm seeing out there, and I'd be a hypocrite if I thought differently.

Though was kinda fun to see Ronny's D-Day speech being replayed instead of Georgie's over and over. Think he was beginning to get a little peeved there.

So good evening, people. It was a hot and humid day, but tonight there is a mild and lovely summer breeze coming through the windows, aided by the droning fans. I will not turn on the AC unless it's absolutely necessary. I will not.

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