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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Art Part 2
Oh, all right... here's the other little dude from yesterday, called "Land Eye", because of the eye.

Tho should perhaps call it "Bush Doesn't Think the Eye is Watching Him, So Torture is OK." This entire crew disgusts me:

Ashcroft Refuses to Release Torture Memo
Ashcroft said he would not discuss the contents of the memo and said he would not turn it over to the committee. "I believe it is essential to the operation of the executive branch that the president have the opportunity to get information from the attorney general that is confidential," he said.
Oh, Cheez... executive privilege. Or if that doesn't work,
Ashcroft said he would not be drawn into a discussion of the legal boundaries of aggressive interrogation, in part because it would reveal too much to al Qaeda.
we can always yell about al Qaeda.

Thank god Ronny is dead so all this is pretty much being ignored.

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