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Saturday, June 12, 2004
Tony Chalabi?
UK sells WMD components to "axis of evil" countries - [Sunday Herald]:
BRITAIN is now a leading exporter of components of weapons of mass destruction.

The UK has sold the components for chemical weapons to 40 countries including North Korea and Iran, both deemed part of the so-called "axis of evil".

Libya, which has only recently come in from the cold after decades of being labelled a "state-sponsor of terrorism", also bought chemical weapons technology from the UK.
Or we could just invade them. They do have oil, after all.

Good evening my friends. My, it's been a pleasant day, having not rained since about 6 am. I know, since sleep was fitful all night because of downpours, stuff falling on my roof, and the usual weather noises.

Am stretching canvas and mid-gesso right now. Have once again decided I hate everything I've ever done or will do, and so have rotated the paintings on the walls of my house. Did you know that if you put a small painting where a big painting had been, the room suddenly looks bigger and less cluttered?

On the knitting front, still haven't put buttons on the Sonnet, or sewed the shoulder seams or anything. Need an event to wear it to, I guess.

Did a portrait (12 by 12) this week, and will work on snapping it this evening, then upload it. And have a little drawing, too, I'm calling "Watermarks," since there's an aquatic theme that evolved (the brain is strange).

Will be adjusting some of the links this weekend too, since some blogs have gone dark recently, and I've found a few new ones I like.

So on with the evening activities. I am just so popular.

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