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Saturday, June 19, 2004
Snark Supply Running Low?
Daily Kos || Science Friday: Liberal Blogs in Crisis
Experts report that the United States Strategic Snark Reserves have been severely depleted, and absent new discoveries of snark may run dry within three years.

"Liberal bloggers have been using snark at an exponentially expanding rate, but it's not a renewable resource" said Lawrence Peters, head researcher at the American Blog Studies Group, a liberal think tank. "Once it's gone, it's gone."

Already the shortage has had an impact. Liberal bloggers like Billmon and Josh Marshall have taken extended vacations in recent months to recover; others, like the Washington Monthly's Kevin Drum, have dramatically curtailed daily snark output. Other bloggers have suffered more severely.

"I just couldn't take it anymore," blogger Hesiod probably would have said, had this reporter bothered to contact him or any of the other people mentioned in this story. "It started out bad, even before the Bush Presidency began, and it just kept getting worse."

Hesiod's own blog, Counterspin, was shuttered recently when he experienced Total Snark Failure, known as TSF. "It was awful. I just woke up one day and... it wasn't there. Just nothing."
ROFL, as we used to say. I had a case of TSF myself recently, but I'm back. This is probably why the Rovians thought they could try rewriting history again -- in the wake of the Beatification of Ronnie they thought we'd all stopped blogging. But really, what new could you say?

I keep checking back at Counterspin hoping that Hesiod will find his inner snark again, but nothing so far. Am reluctant to de-link him from the side, or to de-link Salam Pax, who's gone dark too. And Spam Poetry hasn't been updated in a long time. So will be creating a "Just Resting, Thanks" section to hold these old friends until the happy day when they come back to us.

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