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Friday, June 18, 2004
Liar Liar Liar
Bush touts Qaeda-Saddam ties by e-mail
FORT LEWIS, Washington (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush is pressing ahead with charges of Iraqi ties to al Qaeda in campaign speeches and e-mails to key constituents, despite a government commission's finding of no collaboration.

In fact, the White House on Friday asserted support from the commission, which as part of its probe into the September 11, 2001 attacks reported this week there was no evidence that ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda had developed a "collaborative relationship."

"9-11 Commission Staff Report Confirms Administration's Views of al Qaeda/Iraq Ties," a headline read in a White House e-mail to Jewish leaders on Friday.
EXCUSE ME??? The report fucking does not confirm his views!

One only hopes that leaders smart and sophisticated enough to get and read email are also smart and sophisticated enough to recognize what the fuck these assholes are trying to pull -- getting everyone all confused again and not sure what the truth really is.

Excuse my language. I don't usually use these words, Mr. FCC, so I mean it when I do.

The truth, my friends, is that there is not a shred of integrity or honesty in this administration. If they tell you it's Friday, it's probably Monday. And they'll just keep on saying it until they have you running to the calendar to double-check, and then think that maybe you have the wrong year or you looked at the wrong month, or that it's one of those foreign-made calendars that's all misprinted and doesn't even have important holidays like Flag Day and Reagan's Birthday on it.

Good afternoon, folks. This has been a depressing day, hasn't it? Bush's failed policies have led to the beheading of some poor schmuck in Saudi Arabia and there may very well be more. John McCain shows his true colors and campaigns with Bush -- why did anyone ever think he could be Kerry's running mate, anyway? Possibly there is a goat in McCain's past we just don't know about, but the Rovians do.

I'm sure there are many who would be pleased as punch to dump Bush right now if McCain could slide into his place somehow. But just because they campaign together doesn't mean Bush is a much-decorated former hostage and experienced, moderate-rightwing senator. He's not. He's just a fucking liar. There. I said it again.

If Kerry chooses Gephardt or some policy wonk or old fart politico as a running mate, I'll just dig a hole and crawl right in. He would be the very, very wrong choice right now. We need someone young and energetic, like Bill Clinton. I know, I know. Sorry. He's already served his time, but oh, how I miss the Big Dog.

Let's choose someone like John Edwards, please. It would be like opening the door and giving candy to the press all at the same time.

Ah, well. I'm sure I'll have more to go on and on about later. Have been painting pretty much all day, just stopped to stuff a lot of Kung Pao Chicken and eggrolls into my mouth, then back to painting. Will write more about it later.

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