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Saturday, June 19, 2004
No Nuts Here
Boing Boing: Bush's plan to dose Americans with expensive antipsychotics
According to this British Medical Journal article, "Lilly made $1.6m in political contributions in 2000—82% of which went to Bush and the Republican Party. "

So it's not surprising that the President announced a plan to screen the entire US population for mental illness and pump lots and lots of people full of expensive Eli Lilly drugs. Bush's commission has recommended that the federal government adopt a model based on the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) a medication treatment plan that recommends Zyprexa as a first line antipsychotic drug for patients. Bush was governor of Texas when the plan was adopted, and Zyprexa coincidentally happens to be made by Eli Lilly.
Possibly he could start by screening himself. His dementia about Iraq should be a strong hint that he hasn't been taking his nice meds.

Good Saturday, all. I am so cold. The wind is blowing from the north, but I don't know when I've seen so much sunshine in one day. The painting I was working on yesterday is still too wet to go in and fix some darks, so instead of starting something else I've been prowling, drinking coffee, and downloading mp3s as though preparing for nuclear winter.

I know nothing much about music and can't listen to the crap on any of the radio stations here (except maybe the latin music stations -- sounds fresher, somehow, even the obvious pop pap). And if I hear The Who again in my lifetime on WXRT it will be too soon. Please. There are other bands. I now want music I've never heard before, that can take me forward into the future rather than music I used to listen to sitting on a cold basement floor drunk or stoned and hoping to sleep with someone. Not my idea of good memories. Too much pretending to like Led Zeppelin so the guy will like you. Ugh.

So I may add a few selected and choice links to the music world a bit later.

Otherwise, enjoy your weather, whether it's good or not. It's Saturday, which should help. Off to the post office.

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