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Sunday, June 20, 2004
Pick Me! Pick Me!
Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah (washingtonpost.com)
Under Utah law, Griffith's only option for obtaining the state license was to take and pass the state bar exam, an arduous test that lawyers try to take only once. He applied to sit for the exam, but never took it, Utah bar officials confirm.
A lawyer who specializes in legal ethics said Griffith's two licensing lapses should disqualify him from a lifetime appointment to one of the nation's most important federal benches, second only to the Supreme Court.

"This moves it for me from the realm of negligence to the realm of willfulness," said Mark Foster, a Zuckerman Spaeder attorney who represents lawyers in ethics matters. "People who thumb their noses at the rules of the bar shouldn't be judges."
I'm not a lawyer either. Does that mean I get to be a federal appeals court judge too if I become a wealthy republican?

Here's the painting I was working on over the weekend, another limited palette one. Face seems a little fat. Still needs those darks under the nose, and maybe fix the mouth a little -- and maybe glasses? Still too wet on the face. Guess the paint is thicker than I thought.

Trying to figure out how the old masters made a face glow out of darkness, especially when they (ie., the subject -- getting confused in constructions here) have dark hair, too. But something martyr-like about it I kinda like.

Theme for this month's An Art A Day is to research and do studies of an artist of your choice with a view toward producing a "master work" incorporating that understanding (ie, not just a slavish copy). This is a very daunting task for the light and frivolous month of July, and I'm not certain I'm up to it.

However, since I seem to have gotten onto this kick of how to make the darkness darker, perhaps I will work on Velasquez in the manner I have been -- little paintings, collages, drawings, etc., plus writing. We'll see...

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