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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Busy Thursday
USATODAY.com - High court sides with Cheney on records of energy task force meetings:
Thursday's decision buys the administration more time. If it loses in the appeals court, the administration can return to the Supreme Court in another extended appeal before having to release information as to whether Cheney's task force was cozy with energy executives, including those with his former company, Halliburton.
It also (unfortunately for Bush) keeps the issue alive thru the Fourth of July Political Picnic Season. I hope everyone is planning on some delicious backyard caucussing.

And, according to the radio, the situation with Jack Ryan has become "fluid", in that he cancelled several big-ticket scheduled fundraisers (one with Hastaert). My local 4th of July parade has become a love-fest for Democrats (I think there were 3 old-timers marching under the Republican Party banner, and 5 riding shotgun behind them) -- not that I'm complaining -- and will most likely be so again this year. But since Ryan lives just up the street, it would have been nice to see what kind of turnout he could get.

Hope he doesn't quit. But for evil reasons, not "what they do in private is of no one's business but their own" reasons. Just call me a hypocrite.

So, please give to Barack Obama -- If Ryan does drop out, the new guy or gal will get lots and lots of free press and platform exposure at least through the picnic season -- until they find out something else scandalous about their candidate.

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