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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Strange World
CNN.com - Pornography site strips political references - Jun 30, 2004
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Whitehouse.com pornography Web site, which poked fun at its government namesake with parody sections about first ladies and interns, has been stripped of all political references.

Its owner, Dan Parisi of New York, agreed to the changes to comply with a recent ruling by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granting his Web site a potential trademark for "Whitehouse" -- but only if he took steps to make sure visitors to his pornography site don't believe it was associated with President Bush's site, www.whitehouse.gov.
Reversing an earlier decision, an appeals panel for the trademark office ruled that Parisi could use the trademark if there were no elements on his Web site that might suggest a false association with the Bush administration's flagship Web site. [ed. odd way of putting it... I thought the real white house belonged to we the people]
Actually, references to first ladies and interns are still there -- but I don't think Laura's looks anything like that. (sorry, couldn't resist).

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