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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Win One....
Utah Artist Hails Court Win Over Barbie Parody
The ruling late last week by a federal judge in Los Angeles was the second major blow in two years to a bid by toy maker Mattel to defend Barbie's image from use by artists and singers.

Utah-based artist Tom Forsythe said on Tuesday he was "amazed and truly ecstatic" at the judge's ruling that Mattel should reimburse the $1.8 million he had spent defending his work against a copyright lawsuit launched in 1999.

Forsythe incurred Mattel's wrath with his "Food Chain Barbie" series of 78 photographs featuring the popular plastic doll in kitchen appliances ranging from a martini glass to a fondue pot. Other photos showed the doll stuffed into a tortilla, a fondue pot and a blender.
Forsythe said the ruling "sets a new standard for the ability to criticize popular brands and do so without the fear of being sued."
Lose one:

Art Professor Indicted Over Biological Materials but No Terrorism Allegation Made
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - An artist who became the target of a federal terrorism investigation was indicted Tuesday on charges he illegally obtained potentially harmful biological materials.

Also charged was a university administrator who allegedly helped him obtain the organisms, which colleagues have said he planned to use in an art project.

Steven Kurtz, the artist and a University at Buffalo professor, and Robert Ferrell, chairman of the University of Pittsburgh's Human Genetics Department, were charged with wire fraud and mail fraud.
Man, at least they're not sending them to Gitmo. This is the guy I wrote about in an earlier post here.

Good evening, all, or rather middle of the night. Photobucket still down. If down tomorrow morning will move stuff to an alternate account.

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