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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
You Can't Turn Your Back One Minute (Part XXXIIIa-f)
Why did I miss this on Friday? Probably because they wanted me to. We are not paranoid. We are not. This has become a tin foil hat world. Thanks, Atrios:

Yahoo! News - Voting Official Seeks Terrorism Guidelines
Events in Spain, where a terrorist attack shortly before the March election possibly influenced its outcome [ed. to them, this is the really scary part], show the need for a process to deal with terrorists threatening [ed. just threatening? Aren't they already doing that? If not, what's with the color coding crap?] or interrupting the Nov. 2 presidential election in America, he said.

"Look at the possibilities. If the federal government were to cancel an election or suspend an election, it has tremendous political implications [ed. duh, ya think?]. If the federal government chose not to suspend an election it has political implications," said Soaries, a Republican and former secretary of state of New Jersey.
Or they can just not start wars guaranteeing that terrorism is escalating. Or they could listen to advisors who warn them repeatedly that terrorists are actually (not in the imaginary Ashcroft world where beer coolers and poison pens are seen as terrorist tools) planning something big.

Here I am again. No red xs, so Photobucket appears to be back.

A reminder: this is the last day of the quarter, so a good day to contribute to your candidates, if you were planning on it. I suggest using links provided by Future Ambassador Pioneer-Ranger the Honorable Atrios to let them know the blogosphere honors and appreciates him.

More later. Must get car oiled and primped.

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