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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Now Just Wait a Moment
Court Limits Privacy Of E-Mail (TechNews.com):
A company that provides e-mail service has the right to copy and read any message bound for its customers, a federal appeals court panel has ruled in a decision that could expand e-mail monitoring by businesses and the government.
Here is the logic:
The court ruled that because e-mail is stored, even momentarily, in computers before it is routed to recipients, it is not subject to laws that apply to eavesdropping of telephone calls, which are continuously in transit.
There is something very wrong with all this, even though this is what they say:
Large companies that dominate e-mail services were quick to disclaim any desire to read their customers' e-mail. America Online, Microsoft Corp., EarthLink Inc., Comcast Corp. and Yahoo Inc. have policies governing their terms of service that generally state that they do not read customers' mail or disclose personal information unless required by law enforcement agencies.
Yes, but now they legally can. God, I'm getting sick of this shit.

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