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Friday, July 02, 2004
Oh God -- I Conjured It Up
Here's this Sunday's 60 Minutes:
(CBS) Sunday, July 4, 2004

KINKADE - Thomas Kinkade, the world's most popular living artist, has created a marketing empire for his images. Morley Safer reports.

TULIA, TEXAS- The discredited white undercover drug officer accused of targeting the black community in a drug sting authorities now call a sham, defends his actions in his first major American television interview. Ed Bradley reports.

EMINENT DOMAIN - Mike Wallace investigates controversial eminent domain policies, where the government is forcing private citizens to sell homes and businesses in cases that seem to benefit private rather than public interests.
Luckily they're jeering at him elsewhere (see below).

Good evening, folks. And a happy start to the Independence Day weekend to all. You may have noticed a new link or two over on the side. I decided to move all things Franz Kline to his own blog to save bandwidth, page loads, etc. I plan to update very frequently, so if I don't show up here with the frequency you've been demanding, I may have drowned in art over there. Plus I have a chance to play around with the new Blogger features without disturbing things here. I'm not very good at HTML yet, and things go wildly wrong occasionally.

I may be blogging only lightly this weekend, what with picnics and parades and whatever, but have no fear -- I'll try to report the political scene as usual. Sweaters soon, I promise.

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