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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Trial? What Trial?
Yahoo! News - Sounds of silence
But the situation took an unexpected turn even before the hearing began, when U.S. officials ordered CNN and Al-Jazeera, the pool camera crews, to disconnect their audio equipment. Officials said it was the wish of the Iraqi judge.

Following the hearing, the CNN footage was taken to the convention center, where a CBS News employee transmitted the footage after it was viewed and okayed by two military censors.
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Some news editors spent hours scouring the portion of the tape with audio for harsh words leveled at President Bush (news - web sites) by Saddam, but could not find the quote reported by New York Times reporter John Burns, who was the pool print reporter in the courtroom and accompanied by a translator. Burns reported that Saddam said, "Everyone knows that this is a theatrical comedy by Bush, the criminal, in an attempt to win the election."

The only other Western journalists in the courtroom were ABC News anchor Peter Jennings and CNN's Christiane Amanpour.
Find it interesting that this story is filed under "Entertainment" as originally reported by Variety. Apparently the video was creatively managed with Pentagon supplied footage as well. Am certain their creative types have been storyboarding this whole thing ever since the capture.

Good morning. Going off to picnics and what not a little later, but had to get my licks in before I go. This is a good weekend to meet your candidates and size them up first hand. Many will be marching in parades and eating plate after plate of potato salad. I met Dick Durbin at a picnic last year. "You eat when you can," he told me. He'd already been to 5 or 6 events by that point.

Obama has his calendar posted, and I'm sure the folks from other states do too. Maybe we'll bump into each other.

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