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Sunday, July 11, 2004
They're Really Gonna Do It
MSNBC - Exclusive: Election Day Worries
Newsweek - July 19 issue - American counterterrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack, NEWSWEEK has learned.
Is there any way we can get these people out of office any quicker?

Good afternoon. Quiet day, though continue to be delighted that Kerry-Edwards are experiencing a love-fest from the press at the moment. I'm sure it will change soon enough, once the confused and disarrayed Rovians figure out which line to try next (other than the increasingly hysterical "scare" tactics).

Kerry, Edwards Revel in Brotherhood of Campaign
Energy, Enthusiasm Infectious as Democrats Take Message to Battleground States
By Dan Balz and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, July 11, 2004; Page A08

RALEIGH, N.C., July 10 -- Once thought to have a frosty relationship, John F. Kerry and John Edwards cannot seem to get enough of each other.

In their first week as the Democratic Party's prospective 2004 ticket, they have hugged and patted, playfully ruffled each other's hair, reveled in their wives and families, tossed a football -- "I'm a receiver," Edwards said -- and traded advice on topics such as how to handle reporters' questions and how they can defeat President Bush and Vice President Cheney in November.
"The message of optimism has jelled with the two of them," the adviser said.

Republicans have a different view, having dubbed Kerry the candidate of pessimism and misery, and the Democratic duo hit a speed bump Thursday night in New York, when a Democratic Party fundraising concert turned into what Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman called "a star-studded hate fest" aimed at the president -- and where comedian Whoopi Goldberg repeatedly referred to Edwards as "kid."
Ah, but it's only pessimism if you look at it from the Repub's point of view. They're finally on the run, and they don't like it. And they don't like the press actually giving the loving couple a honeymoon.

Enough to blow the country up or cancel elections?

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