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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Witness the Power
Of bad press, threats to boycott Marriott, and oh yes, a law suit:

Anti-War Group, Media Company Reach Settlement Over Times Square Billboard
NEW YORK (AP) - An activist group and media giant Clear Channel on Thursday settled a dispute over an anti-war billboard that would have loomed over Times Square during the Republican National Convention and until Election Day, the group said.

Project Billboard has agreed to two billboards to run during the convention - a giant peace dove and a ticker displaying the cost of the war in Iraq in dollars [ed. the money thing always gets them].

That proposal replaces one that would have shown a stylized bomb and fuse decorated in stars and stripes above the message, "Democracy is best taught by example, not by war." Clear Channel had objected to a bomb image in New York.

The 105-foot-long dove will be decorated in stars and stripes and retain the message about democracy, said Deborah Rappaport, a board member for the group.
But wait! It gets better: the dove will be up until October, and the ticker up thru December.

Well, well, well. The version they didn't like are here.

And now, good night. IL Senate Race watch Day 21 (or whatever) coming to a close.

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