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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
But Is It For Real This Time?
CBS 2 Chicago: Ditka Will Not Run For U.S. Senate
A campaign by the colorful, charismatic, controversial Ditka would certainly have been fun to watch. Even Democratic Senate nominee Barack Obama said he was disappointed when he heard our exclusive report that Ditka's not running.

“You know, I've been looking forward to a potential Obama/Ditka matchup. I know I look skinny, but I'm actually pretty tough. And I think having a campaign and a debate with the Coach would be huge fun. Obviously, it would be the biggest political story in decades,” Obama said.
Multimillionaire John Cox, currently a candidate for Cook County Recorder of Deeds, is favored by some. Others suggest the best course might be to just abandon the race and concede the seat to Barack Obama.
Whether he likes it or not, I think Fitzgerald is going to have to run and lose and save everyone a bunch of money and headache.

But it's oh, so funny to see them scramble.

This situation is still "fluid", as they say, since the story has been changing back and forth all day. Arm twisting, politics, and payoffs may still occur, though who'd give up ESPN contracts and Levitra endorsements in order to spend your own money and lose a senate race and have more than half the country laugh at you? Ditka can still call plays when it's in his own self-interest.

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