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Sunday, July 18, 2004
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Well.... maybe just a little one.... Yesterday (sample link):

Bradenton Herald | 07/18/2004 | Fallujah residents content
FALLUJAH - Two months after U.S. Marines pulled out, residents of Fallujah feel safe again, sleeping on their roofs to escape the heat without fear of the once-constant nighttime gunbattles, and traveling the streets without worrying they could be stopped or detained.
Google lists 126 of these identical AP stories, from a release yesterday but mostly printed today. Today:

Airstrike in Fallujah Kills at Least 10
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - In the sixth U.S. airstrike since last month, American jets Sunday hit a position in Fallujah purportedly used by foreign militants, demolishing a house and killing 14 people, hospital and local officials said.
Suicidally sleeping on their roofs, I guess. I feel safer just reading about it.

But wait. Aren't they a sovereign nation now and the occupation is over? Does this mean we're attacking a sovereign nation yet again? Can't we pick on someone else for a change?

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