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Monday, July 19, 2004
Grinding Up the Day
CNN.com - Cheney, health care take the stage - Jul 19, 2004

Yes, this is the headline now, but earlier it was something like "Cheney Barnstorms Across Midwest", accompanied by what, apparently, passes for good old-fashioned, roughnecking, whistle-stopping, barnstorming in this election year:

However, here's a better alternative: (you'll just have to photoshop them in your head -- I certainly don't have the time).

What the prez-to-be sez:
"With White House spin doctors prescribing Dick Cheney as the miracle cure to the President's political free fall, the Vice President heads to Ohio tomorrow to launch another misleading attack (yawn) aimed at deflecting attention from George Bush's failure to address rising health-care costs," a Camp Kerry memo reads.
Wait! I thought they were talking about dumping Cheney just last week. Odd...

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