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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Kerry Wins!
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Whenever you see a poll claiming that the race is tight, or Nader is a factor or something, you must remember to check the state. National polls are actually quite meaningless, except perhaps as a sentiment indicator. This link attempts to mashup the state polls to the electoral votes per state and spin it prettily. Will put this link on the side, since it's quite revealing, and you can download data in Excel format (geeks on both sides are now celebrating).

But the best poll is the one on November 2nd, and to take that poll you must register to vote and then actually vote. This is your mother talking. I will drive you to the polls. I will watch your kids for an hour. Just do it!

A note for those who are moving over the summer, or new voters heading off to school: make sure you re-register at your new address! If it's a temporary move, or if the time gets tight, make sure you get and use an absentee ballot! I don't know about other states, but in Illinois your registration doesn't follow you around. And watch out for those deadlines! As we get closer to the election, I'll try to get some cut-off dates up on the side.

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