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Saturday, July 24, 2004
Those Darn Terrorist Children!
Some Teams Drop Out of International Sports Fest in Cleveland Because of Visa Problems:
CLEVELAND (AP) - Problems with obtaining visas have forced cities in Cameroon, Iraq, Nigeria and the Philippines to drop plans to send teams to the upcoming International Children's Games.

About 50 athletes and coaches will not be able to attend the multisport competition, which opens Friday and is being held in the United States for the first time since it was founded in 1968.

"It's disappointing, especially because a lot of the paperwork was already in," said David Gilbert, president of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, which is organizing the games. "With the current world situation, it's sometimes difficult to get visas."

Carol Payto, program director for the event, said she didn't think the problems had anything to do with security concerns. "It was more getting appointments and time issues than anything else," she said.
Oh, really? What they're not telling you is that this is where Bush plans to be after watching Kerry graciously accept the nomination from an adoring nation:
[Claire Buchan briefing]:
Okay, let me just give you, briefly then, the week ahead . As you know, the President will be at his ranch until Thursday. He'll return to the White House on Thursday. On Friday, he will go to Missouri , Michigan and Ohio .

Q What was the second one?

MS. BUCHAN: Michigan and Ohio . He'll give remarks in Springfield , Missouri , remarks in Grand Rapids , Michigan . He will give remarks at something called the Athletes of the International Children's Games and Cultural Festival in Cleveland . If you'd like a little information, I can tell you that that -- that Cleveland is the first city to host the International Children's Games, and there will be 3,000 athletes, ages 12 to 15, from 150 cities in 50 [ed. minus 4] countries who will be participating in the games.
Perhaps in his remarks he could apologize to the children of the Arab world for not letting their children play with everyone else's children.

Come on, George! Instead of hopping around at taxpayer expense giving campaign speeches, send Air Force One to pick up these kids and let them compete. At least let the kids from our new 51st state play!

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