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Friday, July 23, 2004
Secret Rovians?
Snack Giant Faulted for Claiming Chicago Potato Chip Eaters Prefer Lay's Over Jays
CHICAGO (AP) - A federal judge ordered Frito-Lay to stop ads that say Chicago potato chip fans prefer Lay's over local rival Jays, saying the snack food giant can't prove the claim....

"Lay's appears to be motivated by greed in displaying and airing advertisements which are not only damaging to Jays but are deceiving to the public," Der-Yeghiayan said.
Where was this judge 3 1/2 years ago? Not in Florida, we think. Probably one of those commie Clinton appointees.

Good midday, folks. Everyone still digesting reports from yesterday and preparing to have good weekend. This is the week to get a big-screen TV for convention-watching, even if you don't care about the upcoming Olympics. See? I can agitate for unfettered capitalism too.

And in other news, FBI Warns Boston Media of Possible Domestic Terror Plot During Convention Targeting Vehicles.

Domestic terror usually means right-wing nuts.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the anthrax investigation? I'm sure everyone has figured out by now that some embarrassing link to a Republican-courted right-wing group was responsible for the attack in 2001, which is why absolutely nothing has come out about it or probably ever will. If some genuine foreign terror group were even remotely involved, or some anti-fur group, or whatever, the bushies would have smeared it all over the world by now.

Sorry about the this-and-that nature of the midday posting. I will look around and try harder. The weather is cool and chilly in the shadows -- sweater weather again. Have stuff to do, but will be back.

Still no sign of a Republican opponent for Barack Obama.

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