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Friday, July 23, 2004
Pentagon Finds, Releases Bush's 1972 Guard Payroll Records

...on a Friday when no one cares, after the broadcast news is over -- and no one watches the Friday news anyway since everyone has a life except bloggers reading each other's bloggings -- and once again, they can't prove a positive (what he was actually doing), only that he wasn't where he was supposed to be:
Like records released earlier by the White House, these computerized payroll records show no indication Bush drilled with the Alabama unit during July, August and September of 1972. Pay records covering all of 1972, released previously, also indicated no guard service for Bush during those three months.
And weirdest of all, I guess the dog didn't eat it:
"Previous attempts to locate the missing records at the Federal Records Center had been unsuccessful due to the incorrect records accession numbers provided," the Pentagon's Office of Freedom of Information chief C.Y. Talbott said in a letter Friday to The Associated Press.

"The correct numbers were obtained ... and the records were found."
A miracle! And just in time to confuse the Democrats before their big party!

I really do want to write an entry that's uplifting and positive. I really do. I just want this endless drip-drip-drip of urine from these people to stop. And they're laughing and laughing and laughing, knowing the Truth is Out There, but no one will ever find it.

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