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Monday, July 26, 2004
Art Monday
Even though the big news is the start of our Democratic Convention, the art world continues to produce, beginning with me. Here's a portrait I did a week or so ago:

And, behind this link, is a nude person. Yes, Republican fans.... women have breasts and pubic hair. And in the case of this model, a ton of attitude, too.

And, in an aside to Senator Obama, President Kerry, and Vice-President Edwards (and their families) my schedule for portrait commissions is wide open, very very wide. Please, call or email any time you wish. I beg of you, it's no problem at all. No, really, I'm delighted to offer my services at any time convenient to you ....

Other than that, the convention bloggers appear to be off and blogging, and whatever they have to say is far more interesting than what I have to say. Have been lightly monitoring the Yahoo convention blogger group as delegates and bloggers started checking in, many searching for cheap internet connections (sticker shock at what hotels were charging for connections was flabbergasting younger members not used to the business-travel world of $15 croissants and per-minute connect charges).

One said, "I just want to be able to check my e-mail and the like without paying phone-sex rates to do it!"

Be back later. Cloudy, and a little rainy and gray today, so will try to do something interesting here at home.

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