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Monday, July 26, 2004
Convention News
The most exciting thing so far is that, yes, Jesse and Ezra of Pandagon have finally met! They've been blogging together for about a year (I think) from different colleges and have finally hooked up.

Or rather it's the news assuming the bloggers are the news, so I guess we blogging the bloggers are also news, and so are you, since you're reading it.

They're all reporting in now, and it really is interesting to see the different reports on the same story, something we just aren't used to in this day of corporately produced news. And no one is an actual "journalist", which makes it tons better, since they can actually write well.

I could change my link list and add more (have been meaning to for awhile) but it's fun to find them yourself.

As to the lineup tonight, am looking forward to hearing the Big Dog's speech, with minor pups to follow, assuming it's covered anywhere on broadcast. My WI-FI connection is fast, but goofy enough that it gets whacked any time someone with the wrong frequency of cell or Blackberry or whatever chats too long at the light near my corner, and I've been resistent to cable. I thought I was going to a party tonight, but it's apparently switched to tomorrow night, so not going to it, so at home sulking instead.

But will be at Chicago Obama headquarters tomorrow night for the speech, and will report back -- maybe even with pictures!

And am keeping an eye on "other news", knowing that this is the perfect opportunity to slip stuff past us like they did last Thursday. Will be back later.

UPDATE: Chicago Channel 5 is reporting that Mike Madigan, theoretical head of the Illinois Democratic Party, is keeping the idiotic in-house feud going about budget/power struggles and not showing up with the delegation to Boston. Veteran political reporter Dick Kay is spinning it that it's not a pout, but it sounds like a pout to me. Everyone else is there, including his daughter.

Anyway, still haven't done anything useful today, though managed to slaughter a whole bunch of villagers in Age of Empires this PM. Satisfying. Recommended.

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