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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Step away from the darkness, people!

Starting well before even the first speech was delivered last night, the rogues of the Rovian Empire started preparing the nation for disaster. First they had the ubiquitous polls "Are you planning to watch the Democratic Convention" on every local TV station or newspaper site that were stuffed to the gills by the psy-ops team. Then they sent out the word that the speeches weren't so hot. Clearly only Bush being incomprehensible even tho teleprompted and rehearsed all summer long will be considered "hot".

I'm just getting started.

The idea that 63 percent of the City of Chicago WILL NOT watch Barack Obama's speech tonight according to the (why are we surprised) NBC Channel 5 poll is ludicrous. Too many people are making plans for speech-watching parties to answer this stupid question, apparently, or the people who are planning on watching DO NOT HAVE COMPUTERS.

Yes, amazing that in this day and age, with the economy booming right and left, some people in Chicago simply find it difficult to shell out for computers, internet access, cable fees -- or even a new box of tin-foil to help out the old rabbit-ears.

[interruption -- a squirrel is trying to break into my house via a screen window. Possibly because I have my banana-hanging stand right in front -- must go deal with]

Back. Anyway. The official convention bloggers seem to be hungover (and we all wonder exactly how much Atrios had to drink last night), gloomily falling under the new meme of "no one's watching."

How the hell do they know? Apparently the odious drudge is telling them so, but who is telling drudge? Everyone I spoke to today had watched at least some of last night's speeches, and the more Republican of them looked very gloomy indeed.

Step into the light, people! Obama's speech will of course be on cable and internet channels, but in the Chicago area, at least, the Revolution WILL be Televised, though you are cautioned to turn off any of the talking-head commentary if you don't want to just put a bullet in your head and end it right now.

In the Chicago broadcast area, Channel 2 and Channel 5 say on their sites they're covering the speech starting 8:30 pm C.S.T., and PBS (Channel 11) has the full lineup starting (in theory) at 7:00, though they were late broadcasting Gore last night, and in general had about as Republican a convention team as their dark lords could have wanted.

Channel 7 still seems to think people are dying to see a "Less Than Perfect" rerun, according to the web site. Channel 9 thinks we want "Summerland". And Fox (Channel 32) wows us with "Quintuplets".

Maybe they haven't gotten around to updating their sites. I'm being charitable. But they can't complain about people not watching if they don't tell us Obama is going to be on.

I don't know whether all my blogging (or your blogging, if you have one, and it seems like everyone does these days) will ever change a single vote toward Kerry and away from the pit of despair at the mouth of hell that is the RNC. I hope so. Oh, boy, I hope so. But maybe I can at least make you question what you read and hear, as the Rovians just sit back and laugh at all our worry, knowing they control nearly all the media, all the time. Everywhere.

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