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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Howard Who?
Yes, Dean spoke too, I guess...

Perhaps you were there, or were watching. I went down to the west loop to hear Barack Obama on the big screen with several hundred volunteers and other supporters. Average age: about 27. Average gender: either way. Average hair: having hair. Crews from Univision and Telemundo were interviewing Spanish speakers in the audience. I got interviewed by a woman from Medill (Daily Northwestern) (who oddly enough I think has interviewed me before... but no matter).

I got the feeling that a lot of people had never really been involved in something like this, and the excitement was incredible, as were the appetites (I have many pizza shots I will be loading shortly).

But the speech! If you weren't there, perhaps you watched it. If not, go directly to the Obama website where I'm sure it will be up shortly.

He started off slowly, talking about his background, which I think he felt a little impatient having to do, to introduce himself to all these folks who know nothing about him. Once he settled in, he was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I remember his speech from the primary, and his speech against the Iraq war, but this showed a presence and maturity that had people crying and grown men leaping spontaneously to their feet in applause.

Most of the time the room was nearly silent, as we listened, not really realizing that's what we were doing, feeling almost embarrassed that we had been really listening when we should have been applauding or something, because there were cameras all around us recording our reactions to be picked apart by the "analysts" later, probably to the detriment of Kerry, Edwards, Obama, or any other Democrat who might be in range.

Anyway... (sniff) Go decide for yourself.

Some pictures....

My obsession with the media begins.... sunset in Chicago....

Pizza porn

My obsession with the media continues... liked the shapes of the cameras, I guess

And yes, at the very last minute, Fox arrived

Pizza porn shot 2


More media -- Jay Levine interviews some of us

Our hosts bid us goodbye

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